Farewell x1039 Phoenix

x1039 Phoenix

x1039 PhoenixAfter over a DECADE of love and support from with many of which have become close friends, it appears our local station X103.9 (previously The Edge 100.3 and 106.3) is changing formats. This station has supported the growth and career of Authority Zero and played us religiously through ups and downs of our musical career and helped give us our jump start into the new Millennium. Therefor we want to say thank you for so many opportunities and great events over the span of all these years. Much love to Craven Moorhead, Robin Nash, Mark, Gadger, Hammer, and the countless others who helped us in spreading our music throughout the valley. In the year 2000, Craven first gave us (as well as countless other locals) a chance as a local band, listened to our demo when others wouldn’t, and played our song “Open Eyes” for the first time on the SkaPunk shows “Back Yard Bollocks”. Shortly after, Robin with “One More Minute” and “Sky’s the Limit”. The rest for us was history. Thanks so much again for the memories and friendships that were developed through this time and best wishes to all in future endeavors. You helped us to make our own history and the growth of our dreams, and for that, we thank you. Here’s to the next chapter, and to hopes that it won’t be long.

-Authority Zero