Rhythm and Booze III


Jason Devore, lead singer of Authority Zero States, “The Rhythm and Booze series has always been plain and simply fun for us to do. It has always given us an outlet to write and expand upon music that we’ve written and recorded as well as allowed us to further recreate our songs with a completely different perspective and approach. The best thing about it, it’s always live, raw, and captured in the moment. Our current and third release R&B III is a step up from the previous two albums with added percussion, instrumentation, and a full on personality of its own. We brought in new and very talented musicians that helped create something very eclectic and different.”

For The Kids
Take Or Leave It
Broadcasting To The Nations
Destiny And Demise
The Tipping Point
Brick In The Wave
When We Rule The World
Today We Heard The News
Summer Sickness
Lift One Up
Authority Zero

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