Broadcasting To The Nations

DeVore describes the direction of the new material: “It’s really going to be an exciting album.  It’s a combination I think of The Tipping Point [released in 2013] meets the first album A Passage in Time.  It’s really taking a step back to take a step forward—in the sense that you get a little more of what you feel like a lot of the kids that have been around for a long time have been missing out on a little bit, I think.  There’s also some stuff on there that some people won’t have heard before I think as well … they’ll be like ‘that’s what band again?’  There’s a couple of surprises on there too that might throw people back a little bit—but in an exciting way.  I’m pretty excited man.  We’ve done about 15 tracks and we’re debating if we are going to use all 15 or hold off on a couple for bonus tracks.”  The band shared an advance mix of the new record with longtime friend Jim Lindberg (singer of Pennywise) who liked what he heard: “Authority Zero are a great American band.  They bring it every night they play and on every album, and this one is no different.  It’s melodic hardcore at it’s best.  Authority Zero bring it.  Always.”

First One In The Pit
Destiny and Demise
Broadcasting To The Nations
Summer Sickness
Revolution Riot
La Diabla
When We Ruled The World
One Way Track Kid
No Guts No Glory

The Tipping Point - Authority Zero