A Passage In Time

A Passage in Time

A Passage in Time is the debut album released by punk rock band Authority Zero. It was released on September 10, 2002, on Lava Records. The album’s singles include “One More Minute”, “Over Seasons” and “Sky’s the Limit”

Papa (Intro)
A Passage in Time
Lying Awake
One More Minute
Sky’s the Limit
Some People
Mesa Town
La Surf
Over Seasons
Good Ol’ Days
Not You

A Passage In Time - Authority Zero

Performances are spirited throughout Authority Zero’s Lava debut, yet tightly controlled as well, from two-part vocal harmonies seldom executed this cleanly in the post-punk world to intricate twists at blistering tempos, as in the rhythmic variations and stop-on-a-dime cadences of “Everyday” and the segues from double-time thrash to swing-and-sway ska on “Superbitch.” Despite a few exotic touches, including a guitar line that combines elements of Greek bouzouki and Big Country-style E-Bow on the instrumental cut “Over Seasons,” it’s infectious and upbeat energy, rather than any serious degree of originality, that drives this album home. — Allmusic
Authority Zero’s debut album is a Mountain Dew-fueled mix of punk, ska & reggae, surf rock, and latter-day Metallica, peppered with various worldbeat influences. In case you had any further doubts about their worldliness, the album features lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Despite all the diverse influences and good intentions, the songs fail to avoid a certain unshakeable sameness. Blame it on producer Dave Jerden (The Offspring, Alice in Chains, Jane’s Addiction, Anthrax, Social Distortion), who hasn’t done his best work here.

Like a lot of first records, the ambitions of ‘A Passage in Time’ are more impressive than the actualization of those ambitions, but the band wears their influences (Pennywise, Minor Threat, Bad Religion, and Operation Ivy) well, and amid a dearth of quality major label punk albums in recent months, this is—if punk’s your thing—a sound if unspectacular album. — Fazed